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below is data from one of our dealers,

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overview of what we've done for them

This is an independent dealer with lots inventory and lots of traffic.

SEO, page setup, mobile compatible...all vital to any size dealership. We designed their site (using an available template) to be responsive - so it is one site working on all screen sizes - pretty on the eyes, fast loading and ensure that Google, Bing, etc can find and index all the pages. On all our sites we manage, we use Google Analytics as well as Google Webmaster Tools. SEO is important, but SEO should be done based on what Google and Bing tell us is important, not what we think is important. If Google tells us we need this tag or don't need that tag, we follow their rules with awesome results.

SEO on all pages

Keywords are embedded where they should be, but we also include special markup such as

Compressionfor speed

We use server side and client side compression to serve pages faster to shoppers.

Cloud Hosting from Amazon

We use Amazon's EC2 cloud hosting to also serve images as fast as we can.

Custom Labelsfor all vehicles

They can print window labels in order, with different designs, based on set criteria.


We embed all their inventory into their Facebook page as well as show all like on their website.

Mobile Readyon all smart phones

Simply drag your browser screen to smaller or larger and watch the site transform to fit.

we use designs to tell their story

For them, it's not just about sales, it's about the smile once they purchase.

We added QR codes to their window labels

Adding QR codes allows us to provide so much more vehicle info and messages without cluttering the label.

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